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How do I listen to audiobooks with my Apple Watch?

There are two ways to listen to audiobooks with your Apple Watch:

  • If you are in range of your iPhone, you can play audiobooks from your iPhone while using your Apple Watch to remotely control the app.
  • Want to leave your iPhone at home? You can listen directly from the Apple Watch, using BlueTooth headphones, by syncing full audiobooks to your Apple Watch.

Using the Apple Watch app to remotely control on your iPhone:

  • Open the app on your iPhone to start listening to your audiobook
  • Open the app on your Apple Watch to remotely control the listening experience. For example, you can use the Apple Watch app to:
    • Start playing the audiobook

    • Pause your audiobook

    • Fast forward or rewind your audiobook

    • Skip to a different track

    • Change your listening speed

    • Set a sleep timer

  • Note: For this listening experience, your Apple Watch needs to be in range of your iPhone.

Listen to fully synced audiobooks on your Apple Watch:

  • Sync your audiobook to the Apple Watch app:
    • Open the app on your iPhone
    • Tap on the audiobook you want to sync to your Apple Watch
    • Tap “Sync to Watch”
  • Once the sync has completed:
    • Open the app on your Apple Watch
    • Tap on “On Watch” and any audiobooks that you’ve synced will appear
    • Tap the audiobook and tap Play
    • Note: Headphones must be synced via BlueTooth for the audiobook to start playing

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