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What is all about? makes it possible for you to buy audiobooks through your local independent bookshop, giving you the power to keep money within your local economy, create local jobs, and make a difference in your community. Whether you are paying for a monthly membership, giving an audiobook gift to a friend, or buying audiobooks for your organization, shares the profit from your purchases with your local bookshop.

Who we are

We care about supporting small businesses because we are a small business. began as a conversation over beers at a local bookshop in Seattle, and since then we’ve grown our community to include 16,000+ booksellers from over 3,000+ bookshops and listeners from all over the world. Meet our team and learn more about

What we stand for

As a Social Purpose Corporation, our mission is to use technology to increase access to books while supporting independent bookshops and serving the needs of our customers around the world. readers love their local bookshops for their community, curation, and culture, and we strive to provide that same experience through We are also committed to doing our part to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion within the book industry and across the team. Read more about our actions thus far, and our plans moving forward.

When you buy audiobooks through

  • You keep money within your local economy. Proceeds from audiobooks purchased through are shared with your local bookshops. Your community sees 25% more money when you shop locally rather than at a national chain. More of your tax dollars are also reinvested into your community. 
  • You create local jobs. Local businesses—bookshops included—are better at creating higher-paying jobs within the community. 
  • You protect the environment. Digital audiobooks have a very small carbon footprint. In addition, buying print books locally requires less packaging and less transportation.
  • You make a difference. Local businesses are directly involved in their community's economy and donate to charities at more than twice the rate of national chains. 
  • You help shape your community. Local bookshops curate their selection based on what they know their community members are interested in. When you buy from local booksellers, you are participating in the conversation that shapes your local culture.

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