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Can I return an audiobook that I am not enjoying?

Just like your local independent bookshop, we want you to have a great experience with the audiobooks you purchase. Our team understands that listeners want to explore new authors and genres, but may discover that the content isn’t a great fit. We also know that purchases sometimes happen in error. In these situations, our Customer Support team will be happy to work with you on a refund for a purchase made within the past 6 months.

If you’d like to request an audiobook refund:

  • Submit a ticket to our Customer Support team or email us at

  • Be sure to include the name of the audiobook you'd like to return. If your audiobook is a pre-order, please also include the purchase date or purchase ID.

  • If the audiobook was purchased via credit card, we will refund the paid amount to the credit card on file. If the audiobook was purchased using a membership credit, we will return the credit directly to your account.

Note: Purchases made prior to six months of the refund request date are not eligible for refund. reserves the right to limit the number of refunds per account in order to prevent abuse of this policy. This is important not just to our business, but to the success of authors and independent bookshops. Examples of policy abuse may include, but are not limited to:

  • Frequent or excessive refund requests from an individual account

  • Multiple refund requests for audiobooks that have been fully (or mostly) completed by the listener

  • Requests to refund multiple audiobooks simultaneously

  • Requests to refund audiobooks that have been downloaded as MP3s from

You are always welcome to contact our Customer Support team with any questions.

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