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What purchasing options are available?

There are currently three different ways for you to purchase audiobooks from our catalog:

  1. Monthly recurring memberships
  2. Credit Bundles
  3.  À la carte purchases

Monthly recurring memberships

What is a monthly recurring membership?

  • Each month, you will receive one audiobook credit in exchange for an automatic monthly charge to your credit card. Pricing for your location can be found here. Your membership provides ongoing support for the independent bookshop of your choice.
  • Audiobook credits from your membership can be used on your choice of over 400,000 audiobooks, regardless of list price. (Note: Certain audiobooks cannot be purchased with credits, or may not be available in your location, due to publisher restrictions.)
  • Audiobook credits never expire and can be used on gifts.
  • As a member, you receive 30% off additional à la carte audiobook purchases, including gifts.
  • You can place your membership on hold or cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks and unused credits.

How do I start a monthly recurring membership?

To start your monthly membership, visit and follow the prompts to enter your payment details. 

Credit Bundles

What are credit bundles?

Credit bundles allow you to gift audiobook credits to anyone in the world, including yourself! Credit bundles are a one-time, up-front payment and you or your gift recipient will receive all credits in a single batch. 

We have credit bundles available for:

  • Two credits
  • Three credits
  • Six credits
  • Nine credits
  • Twelve credits
  • Twenty-four credits

Credit bundles are a great option for:

  • Listeners who want to use more than one membership credit per month
  • Listeners who want to make a one-time purchase instead of starting a membership
  • Gifts to friends and family

How do I purchase a credit bundle?

  • Select your credit bundle at
  • Enter the recipient’s info and a personalized message. (If these credits are for yourself or you don’t want the gift to deliver immediately, skip this step and leave the field blank.)
  • Email or print your audiobook gift.

 À la carte purchases

What are à la carte purchases?

If you are an occasional listener, this might be the best option for you! With, you can purchase and listen to audiobooks on your own schedule with no strings attached. You'll purchase each book one at a time instead of paying a recurring monthly fee, or buying credits up front.

How do I purchase books without a membership?

  • Find the book you'd like to purchase in our catalog
  • Select "Add to cart"
  • Visit your cart and enter your credit card payment details to complete the purchase

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